We Live in Two Realms

I love the movie Steel Magnolias.  I’ve seen it so many times I believe I can quote most of the memorable lines from it.  For example:  (Clairee Belcher) “The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.”

Sweet Husband and I have a lot of accessories, “stuff”. Some gifts, some things we inherited, some we purchased at garage/estate sales or because they are stuff we collect. You know, stuff that you like, stuff that makes your heart smile when you look at it and stuff that makes a room feel like, “HOME”.

The tiny condo we live in has 9’ ceilings in the main living area, which gave us a long empty space at the top to install a shelf for some of our stuff. This is realm number one – the natural realm. This is the realm we all live in and are familiar with – so familiar, we often forget there is another realm.


This week a friend texted to tell us she and her family were going to be in our area and she wanted to visit. I called her immediately and asked if she could be available for a while Tuesday afternoon so that Sweet husband and I, our pastor and a couple of people from our intercessory prayer group could pray with her. You see, she has been in a battle for her health – her life for two years. She is winning, but additional, sincere prayer benefits much. This is realm number two – the Spirit realm.

Five of us met for about an hour, we prayed heaven down, we allowed the love of God to penetrate her every cell and when we finished we took her to a late lunch.

The balance of the afternoon and evening was spend with a small dinner group we have met at church and then a memorial service for one member’s mother. Nice and normal activities; except for one event.

An hour or so after we arrived home from prayer and lunch, a beautiful, five pound, crystal vase took a flying leap from the shelf in our living area. It shattered into a thousand shards and damaged our hardwood floor. This shelf, by the way, has a piece of decorative molding installed the entire length of the shelf to prevent these items from working their way off by “normal” vibration. A heavy piece of crystal doesn’t just tip over or fly.

In retrospect we should have taken a picture of the broken vase, but since the shards had literally flown over most of the living/dining room all we could think of was cleaning it up in the “natural” and in the “Spirit”.

Yes, we prayed Heaven’s healing down for this young woman and some of the residents of realm number two weren’t happy. We knew how to take care of that as well. 

Our Father God is good, He is faithful and He grants authority to His family. Please know, I am not bragging.  I say this in total humility, because I know without Him and the powerful blood of Jesus I would be powerless.