How I got to New York

Many years ago, when I started experiencing an “empty nest” I felt depression and gloom slipping in to my life.  I had four children and their friends constantly in our home and I loved the crowd, the laughter, tears, empty pantry. . .   This kind of change is extremely difficult… “Mother” was an identity I had had for many a year and was a painful transition.

Naturally, I could not halt the movement of the usual and proper progression of life.  As a Christian, instinctively I took this dilemma to my Lord for wisdom, comfort and direction.  He reminded me of all the things I said I wanted to do once I got my children raised and on their own.  I called it, “My Someday List”.  This was years before The Bucket List came out.

When I had the responsibility of children to raise, naturally, I had different financial, time and energy priorities. During this chapter of my life, when I would see something I wanted or wanted to do, I relegated it to the “someday” list in my head.

Now, let me be clear about the list. This list is ONLY for the really, really important stuff that needs to be seen, done, or experienced before this life ends.

I am aware that some folks don’t have an actual list….I do and I recommend one.

The top 10 items on my someday list are:

  1. Fall in love again
  2. Visit the Grand Canyon.
  3. Walk into the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans
  4. Tour Ireland with my sister   AND
  5. Learn to sail
  6. Visit NYC and Niagara Falls
  7. Write a book and get published
  8. Ride on a Hot Air Balloon
  9. Attend my granddaughter’s wedding
  10. Meet all my great-grandchildren

We can find plenty of excuses to not do some of the things we want to do or we can allow other people and their “someday stuff” to take precedence, if we are not careful. I made my list, I wrote it down, I didn’t let anyone take precedence and I laid it down before God and let Him cause it to happen.

I’m writing this to encourage you to kick out the excuses because I started learning to sail several years ago! I purchased a 16′ Hobie Cat and took it out on the beautiful Barnett Reservoir with a friend and an instructor. My heart hasn’t smiled like that in a long, long time.

I have fallen in love again, I have written a book, I have been to Ireland, I have been to the Grand Canyon – twice! I have been to NYC (twice), Niagara falls and Saratoga and Buffalo and Lake George. I even got a bonus of seeing Wicked on Broadway.

My friends, make a someday list and do something on it soon! Please don’t put it off any longer! You never know, you might not have as many “somedays” as you think.

For me, life is NOT a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming WAA-HOO, What a Ride!

As I have said (many times), “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away.”

Nike IMG_3218 Time Square 777 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Niagara3 Niagara1 NYC 2006