The Star of Bethlehem

Credible historians tell us that Mary, Joseph, and Jesus stayed in Bethlehem for two years and moved into a house where Joseph found work and community (perhaps for the protection of Mary from the customs of the day).

The visit of the Magi or the Wise Men, arrived from 40 days to two years after Jesus’s birth. Thus they were not at the cave at the birth as we often see in our manger sets.

It is reasonable to assume that there were three Wise Men because they present Jesus with three gifts.  Their number, nationality and country are unknown; some speculate they were from present day Iraq or Iran.  If so that would easily be a two year trip to Bethlehem.

They were of a priestly hereditary caste that uttered prophecies, explained omens, interpreted dreams and practiced divination (see Daniel 2:2, 48, and 4:9).  These Wise Men were people held in high regard by all the Kings and Rulers of the time; they were also well versed in the prophesies of the era. 

They followed a star that eventually brought them to the house where Mary, Joseph, and the two year old Jesus lived.  They made a brief stop to enquire of King Herod.  (See the second chapter of the Gospel of Matthew).

The star was supernatural and cannot be logically or astronomically explained.  Many people much smarter than I have tried: astronomers, scientist, theologians.  It is speculated to be perhaps a supernova, a comet, a conjunction of planets.  None of these stay in the sky as long as this star needed to.  In Matthew 2:9 the scripture states, “…and lo, the star, which they saw in the east, went before them, until it came and stood over where the young child was“.

Have you ever heard of a star simply appearing, lasting from 40 days to two years and actually moving as a guide?  I want to offer you a theory I received (I believe) from the Holy Spirit a few years ago.

It is recorded in all four Gospels that angels were involved in the announcement of the birth of Jesus and all though out the Bible they are associated with the delivery of messages from God to man, and many other activities in the Spirit Realm. 

I did a study of angels a few years ago.  They are mentioned almost 300 times.  They all have different jobs…only some are messengers.  Some are called seraphim, cherubim, the Hose of Heaven and (among other names) Stars.  I present you the Star of Bethlehem, a Spirit Being assigned to herald the birth of the greatest man ever, the son of God.  So large and so bright he was seen as a celestial object and brought the Magi from a great distance.  This beautiful being shown over the stable and moved with the Christ and His family until they went to Egypt to escape the army of Herod.

Herod, so afraid of the new “King” that he ordered the death of all the Jewish boys from new born to two years old.  It is totally possible these Wise Men provided the funds for Joseph to take his small family to Egypt to avoid this slaughter.

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