Driving up Highway 1on the California Coast: Part 1a

So, sweet husband and I are driving up the California Coast, we leave behind us two-plus weeks of crowds, lines and schedules (whew), we stop at a Honda dealer for service on our sweet minivan, then we view the most incredible sunset we have ever seen in our life on the Pacific Highway, we find a motel in a small town just after dark and check-in.  Long day.

We unload, open suitcases, open a cold beverage, turn on the TV and change cloths.  Sweet husband finds an old movie and he is soooooo happy.  I pull out the computer to check finances and email.  We settle in for a long winter’s nap…except it doesn’t feel like winter in California.

There is an ugly thing a women’s body does to her (besides growing cellulite).  One reaches a certain age and one can no longer have babies (YES!), the down side, one is ALWAYS HOT…not as in “really sexy”, but as in, “Please crank up the air conditioner NOW!, before I kill someone…hot!”

The room is hot, I am hot, this is not good.  I look around the room for the air conditioning switch…notta!  There is a sliding glass door with a screen door, but the screen door has no lock!  So I call the front desk (voice shaking) and ask where to turn on the A/C…I am told that there is NO Air Conditioning.  Panic sets in, in spite of the fact that I am told it will be 50 degrees outside tonight…but the screen door won’t lock (panic)!  After all, this is California.  Never mind that I spent the whole summer in Maine without A/C, but (panic) this is California and it had been 85 degrees today (PANIC!).  Plus I had this flash back of the Best (aka Worst) Western we stayed in near LAX.  Crack smoking in parking lot…domestic violence with police at 2:00 a.m. and the added fun of the fire alarm at 3:00 a.m.  That was my introduction to California…and the screen door won’t lock…I’m in full conniption mode now.

You must understand, If it is not 60 degrees in my bedroom, I cannot sleep….really!  Sweet husband often has to have extra cover.  We never sleep with heat in the winter…really!

Wide eyed, I look at sweet husband and start my hissy-fit.  “I cannot, absolutely CANNOT sleep in the heat!”  Don’t you care that I cannot sleeeeeeeeeep!?  I cannot stay here, OMGosh, we need to find another place to stay…I must be able to sleeeeeeeep!!!!!

Now, sweet husband is tired too and is full into this movie.  He tries to calm me down by telling me about the sliding glass door…all the while packing his suit case and getting dressed – wide-eyed.  In his calmest and most caring voice, he assures me we will drive around until we find a place to stay with A/C.  “Drive around…OMGosh, NO!  Is that your best solution!?  Watch your movie, I will find us a place!”

I take several deep breaths, my panic turns to purpose.   Adrenalin helps one focus…I go outside to the patio and start calling around from a list on the internet.  No one in 50 miles has A/C…then I realize it is actually cool outside.  Sweet husband drives to the office and gets me a fan…I start calming down, we unpack again.

I do actually open the sliding glass door and get cool enough to fall to sleep…then, wait for it … wait for it … the heat comes on in the middle of the night…really!

Below are picture of the above mentioned sunset, and a few other views of the wonderful beach near San Simeon, CA (home of the Hearst Castle – more on that in Part1b).

Final disclosure:  I did fully apologize to Sweet Husband, he forgave me and we actually laughed about it.  He is so good to me.

IMG_1077 IMG_1079 IMG_1082 IMG_1083 IMG_1084 IMG_1129 IMG_1176 IMG_1180 IMG_1188

3 thoughts on “Driving up Highway 1on the California Coast: Part 1a

  1. Marie says:

    Must have really been tired to make such a fuss. Keep on keep on having fun.

  2. Gay Bissell says:

    LOL! Glad it was you and not me!

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