One of the things sweet husband and I do when we travel to a new place is purchase an ornament.  We have boxes full.  Each year it is an all day project to unpack them and hang them on our tree.  It brings back memories of where we went, what we did and the people involved in some of these trips.  Sweet times, sweet memories.  I save the receipts and date them (if they are not dated).  The receipts and ornaments are packed together.

Needless to say, our ornament collection is EXPANDING.  Fortunately, we were able to stop in November and drop that load off to our storage unit.

Another thing that is EXPANDING is our weight.  When you travel like we are doing, there is far too much eating out and almost no daily exercise.  This is the only negative side effect to this trip – thus far.  We enjoyed lobster in Maine (matchless).  We had wonderful Tex-Mex in Houston when we stopped for lunch with a friend.  We had lunch in San Antonio with sweet son-in-law who was there for a work related convention/show.  We are currently visiting sweet husband’s brother.  Brother-in-law’s wife is an excellent cook.  We had a great Thanksgiving with my daughter in south Louisiana where I had my first fried turkey…YUM!  Today we are going to a world famous Bar-B-Q place and tomorrow we are having lunch with sweet husbands sister – more wonderful food.

My tolerance for this lifestyle is expanding, my patience is expanding, my ability to change directions on a whim is expanding.  Thankfully the only thing not expanding is the price of gasoline…it is shrinking the further west we travel.

From here to California it will be just me and sweet husband.  I am looking forward to that routine again.

Pictures from the road below:

DSC01225 IMG_3357 DSC01424 DSC01434 DSC01470 DSC01573 DSC01598 DSC01638 DSC01754 DSC01806 DSC00935 DSC00938 DSC00949 IMG_0351 IMG_0362 IMG_0380

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