Nope, we didn’t shop, nevertheless it started off early (4a.m.) for me.  Sleeping in a different bed is messing with my sleep some nights…then our Friday went from there to black, blue and better.

After morning coffee we all got in a fight cleaning the house. Only one bath was had because someone filled up the GIANT tub for themselves, leaving no hot water for the rest of us prior to company coming (smile). Did I mention, I invited “company” the day after Thanksgiving? This is the black part, in case you missed it. Who knew?

A house with children has a bit of ciaos associated with it. Not always bad ciaos, just not always orderly. When you add “company”, orderly becomes priority because you don’t want “company” to think you are a slob.  Actually, I love my daughter’s house and thought it looked great. If this is the worst Black Friday I ever encounter, I’m on easy street.

Holidays with family is occasionally … wonderful, disorderly, emotional, funny, and always sad to leave, even when it is time.

Our “company” was my long-time friend’s daughter who lives in the same town as my daughter. She is tall, smart, beautiful and newly a single mother. It has been a hard year for her, very hard (this is the blue part). I wanted to visit with her, love on her and let her and my daughter get better acquainted. She and her three children (ages 2 to 8) arrived at 10a.m., left after 1p.m. We got in a really good visit while making Play-Doh sculptures with the three youngest around the kitchen table.

play doh

Later after more ciaos control, football and supper we turned off the TV and played a new card game called, Beat The Parents. A Kids vs. Adults: Who knows each other best game. Since there are four adults and two kids (Nicholas is 4, so he just held the cards and floated back and forth between teams), sweet daughter volunteered to join the “Kids” team. After the instructions were finally understood, and teams were determined, we laughed and laughed and laughed and erased all tension of the morning’s house cleaning battle. It was really like a scene from a National Lampoon Movie.This is the better part and this, beloved, is the way to spend Black Friday.

God Bless us everyone

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