Travel Envy

Naturally, we have met people along our path … hair dressers, doctors, fellow travelers, Pastors, neighbors (near our base-site this summer), friends/family we have visited (at their request), etc.  They are all shocked and envious that after we both became part of a professional reduction in force, we sold our home, put everything we wanted to keep in storage, loaded up our minivan and hit the road with a tentative plan and a few invitations to visit along the way.  Most people say, “Wow, I wish I could do that, but…____________!” or “I want to buy a pop-up trailer and do what you are doing, but…___________.”   Also I’m asked, “How do you handle living so temporally, out of a suitcase, without a plan?”   This is not a trek for everyone and it is perfectly fine if it would not be within your comfort zone.

I freely admit that I am learning a lot (in general and about myself) living outside the “house-box”.  It is not something I am always comfortable with and I know it is temporary, so I’m learning to lean into it intentionally.  Perhaps I can take this skill into the “house-box” when we again set down roots, make a nest.  I have always liked order and living with a plan, to keep a daily to-do list and check them off as completed by the end of the day.  Flexibility to obstacles of the daily-living-plan was essential and is not easy for me.   I saw a sign in the home of friends we visited in September that has become my daily refrain, “Life is all about how you handle Plan B“.

Living inside the “house-box” isn’t always easy either, but much more familiar to me than living in a minivan and a suit case.  Sometime we choose familiar over the “unknown” even when we are miserable.

Professionally my husband and I were not happy, but it was safe and familiar.  I was in a marriage for almost 30 years, the last several years were miserable, but I stayed because it was what I knew, it was familiar, I hoped I could fix it.  For me, for now, living in the unfamiliar without a carved-in-rock plan is a good thing, a very good thing… PLUS I get to see some really cool places for my “trouble”.

SMOKIES 2 FLORIDA 6 NYC 2006046 - Copy DSC03099 - Copy IMG_0026 - Copy

One thought on “Travel Envy

  1. TED/KASS says:

    It does sound exciting, and I am so happy for you two !!!! GOD BLESS YOU TWO…….LOVE, TED/KASS

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