Botanical Garden

Sweet husband and I went to a botanical garden last week.  May I say, it was spectacular?!

It is the end of the season, but we still had many types of grasses, moss, trees and bushes (many we had never seen before).  There were several types of flowers still blooming, herbs and vegetables, plus fountains, water falls, ponds, chipmunks and many butterflies.  They had a children’s garden (probably my favorite part) complete with scarecrows, a tree house, an art/reading room, ponds and bridges.

After walking through the formal, vegetable and children’s garden we headed off through the woods to the “natural” setting; you know trails thru the woods, along a lake, with boulders and tree/bush identifying signs, etc.  The canopy housed many birds, more chipmunks and delightfully, beautifully colored leaves drifting to the ground like fairies marking the path before you.  We walked down the trail toward the lake, the leaves were brilliant, the lake was smooth, showing a beautiful reflection of the tree colors on the other side.  It was amazingly peaceful and beautiful/  So much so that I actually didn’t realize I had been walking down into this dark forest for quite a distance…THEN we turned a corner… OMGosh I realized we would be walking BACK UP this looooooooong, winding hill.  There was no one else around us (no one was stupid enough to go on that long trek with rain threatening).  At that point I realized and said to my sweet husband with the appropriate panic in my voice, “If we die here trying to climb this hill, no one will find until the spring!”

About two-thirds of the way up this mountain we crossed a road (I use that word very loosely) and we saw signs pushing us onward across this “road”.  Out of the corner of my eye, a few feet up the “road” I saw a bench and what looked like a laarg golf cart parked by it.  Thank you, Jesus!  I am saved.  Sweet husband kept going up the path because he wanted to see the promised water fall at the end of the trail.  My new best friend drove me the final third of the way back in his wonderful chariot (golf cart).  After my best friend dropped me at the top of the hill, I sent him back to find sweet husband – success.

Lunch and coffee were available at the visitor’s center.  We have been sufficiently strengthened for yet another day and another quest.

The Walk in the woods

from the bottom of the trail

from the bottom of the trail

Across the lake

Sweet Husband's quest

Sweet Husband’s quest

Did you know it changes color in the fall.  In the deep south grass just dies from the heat of August/September.  I have had such a sheltered life.

Did you know it changes color in the fall. In the deep south grass just dies from the heat of August/September. I have had such a sheltered life.

There were several in the Children's garden, but this one was made of ribbon...just lovely

There were several in the Children’s garden, but this one was made of ribbon…just lovely

7 thoughts on “Botanical Garden

  1. Lynn Edwards says:

    I am so excited about this,and keeping connected to a Christian woman my age that loves the Father as much as i do!! Loving your book,! Fondly, Lynn

  2. Linda that beautiful, the words and the photos! Love it I’m following you now! Bub

  3. mssjerry says:

    Very beautiful shots Linda. I’m so glad you and your sweet husband got a chance to get away. I look forward to receiving more blogs from you. Jan and I have especially enjoyed your thoughts and comments on the Word. But this is His work too. He created ALL good things!! So thank you, and God bless you and yours, now and forevermore. Jan and Jerry

  4. Sara says:

    Hi, hope you are hving safe travels and little traffic. Weather here gorgeous! Need to know where botanical garden was, looks very familiar. Don’t remember a uphill trek tho!
    Keep safe, S & S

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