Evening visitors to our backyard

Evening visitors to our backyard


  • In 2013 we became interested in the possibility of working in the mission field with a couple our church supports or travel in our Minivan around the USA because we knew it was very likely we would be downsized due to a reliable rumor of a reduction in force at the large company my husband worked for and the sale of the company I worked for.
    • First, however, we needed to begin a relationship via Skype and email with the mission and make plans to meet them when they come to the States for a Mission Conference in May, 2014.
  • As expected, Sweet Husband was downsized from in December, 2013 and I was downsized in April, 2014.
  • Because Sweet Husband decided we are moving out June 1st with the house sold or not, we start the process of cleaning and packing.  It was then I discovered what appeared to be water damage to the ceiling, walls and floor of our dining room and master bedroom from a new and significant roof leak. 
  • We called our insurance company, got contractors, picked out paint and flooring and went back to packing with passion.
  • This was truly an unexpected blessing, actually more than that, God’s provision to get the house sold.  It had been on the market for over two years and it NEEDED new hardwood floors.
  • We had the roof damage repaired and completed just before a tornado crossed over our subdivision.  Sweet Husband, my brother, his grandson and I spent a tense half hour in the hall bathroom.  Heavy rain, but no further water damage noted. PTL! 
  • Thursday, May 1st we drive to my sweet daughter’s home to give our sweet, 14 year old, eight pound puppy dog to her as sweet puppy won’t be able to travel with us the rest of the year (sad, very sad face).  Sweet daughter and her husband were days from closing on their new house (with a fenced back yard for sweet puppy’s safety) and they were in packing mode as well.
  • The next day we drove to meet our pastors near Pensacola to attend the afore mentioned mission conference.
  • While on the road and during the mess of construction, we got an offer on the house.  The house had sold while in this mess…only God’s timing counts…a miracle to be sure.
  • We arrived home Friday night to a huge, unfinished construction mess. 
  • Sweet Husband’s sister & husband had planned months previously to fly in for a visit.  Thankfully on May 25th they moved to visit with Sweet Husband’s daughters who also took them to the airport on Monday (whew!). 
  • Mind you, since getting home from the Mission Conference all I can do is clean and pack because Sweet Husband declares we are moving out on June 1st … PERIOD.  The closing on the House is scheduled for June 12th.  We will have to do this long distance. 
  • We had also promised our back yard for a wedding many months prior to the sale and moving DEADLINE.  That went well, as the construction was finished and (mostly) cleaned up and almost everything packed. 
  • Naturally, we had to quickly squeeze in dental appointments and a doctor’s appointment to get all our prescriptions converted to hard copy to take on the road with us.
  • We leave June 1st with my sweet brother, who had been living with us, not fully moved out, a carpet cleaner, a house cleaner, a yard person all scheduled to come in to do their thing as a condition of closing.
  • All this and more was accomplished.  If interested, you can read part 2 of the prequel in a few days.




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