Day Two Camping

Rangely Lake, MaineRangely Lake

tentMinivan tent (it attaches to our van & is made by Honda).

All is well.  Praise God!  I think we got it now as long as we do it often enough to keep it fresh in our minds.  We are going to stay two nights here because I cannot undo and redo the tent two nights in a row.

Rangely Lake State Park, Maine is much larger than the one in New Hampshire.  We are on the lake again, but have to walk through the woods for several yards to see it.

Sound carries in this park because of the lake.  Many children running, giggling and playing, a nice sound.  Someone across the lake is playing rock and country music, not a nice sound at a camp site.

We got a little rain last night.  No one and nothing except the exterior of the car and tent got wet.  The sound of rain on the tent is soothing.  I was not as cold last night as the evening before, but still in the 50s…very nice.

1) I officially HATE state park showers.  This shower was good size with a bench, pull down wall shelf and wall hooks.  However, it had one poor light and no hot water because both were powered by solar panels.  The water is cold or slightly warmed to 50/60 degrees from the hypothermia levels of the lake water…..Solar panels are a waste of good tax dollars…just and FYI to anyone in authority.
2) I brought too many and the wrong kinds of clothes.
3) We need to pack differently, too.  We are learning.
4) I am shocked at the number of people who pack up and leave on Saturday morning.  These are people who are taking this camping stuff seriously.  I’m guessing they have to go home and unpack and clean up, which is probably a two day process…SERIOUSLY!

I cannot take another cold shower.  Therefore, we are going “home” and back in our own bed (sort of).  I told Sweet husband that three nights camping is my absolute maximum.  There is so much we want to see and we cannot afford motels/hotels.

We did not make it to Canada, as originally planed, as we had a gun in the car and that is not allowed across the border.  We want to see Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, above all, so that is the plan for next week, the gun (we forget we even have it) will stay “home”.

PS:  I have had a HOT shower, I have clean hair and a grateful heart.  Beloved, we here in the USA have such a good life.  There are people in our world who would consider what we had on our camping trip WONDERFUL.  Go on a mission trip in any of our neighboring countries or in the inner-city of any of our large US cities.  I have nothing to whine about.  I’m done preaching

PPS:  “Home” is our base of operations supplied by (very good) friends and family in various parts of the areas we travel in.  So, “home” is that base.

PPPS:  I want to sell the tent.  I do not think it is needed.

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