First night camping – STRIKE ONE

image (1) View from our camp siteimageWe stopped at Umbagog Lake State Park in New Hampshire.  Very large, beautiful lake, very, small camp ground (Go to Google Earth and pull it up!).

We had been driving through extremely rural areas of Maine and New Hampshire and began to be afraid we wouldn’t find (1) supper and (2) a place to camp, when we saw a sign for Bull Moose Lodge and Restaurant and they were open (PTL).

There were 5 people bellied up to the bar, we found a table, which indicated we wanted food (smile).  We asked the waitress what was our chances of finding camp accommodations within the next 100 miles and one of the patrons spoke up (she is a park ranger who just got off work) and said the State Park was 1/4 mile up the road with camp sites still available (the last park was not a shock).  She specifically told us to go to site 41, as it had the best view (SOOOOO true).  Dinner of Cajun Gumbo (NOT!) and one cold beer each was fairly good.

By 9:30 p.m. with the help of a tow truck courtesy of AAA, we curled up in the bed of the van for a long winters nap – 48 degrees.

1) Going to the restroom in the middle of the night works well IF you go together and you think ahead to put your shoes and the flashlight in a quickly accessible location, which we did.
2) Showers require rubber shoes and 25c for hot water.  Getting dressed in a shower stall is quite an experience…I broke a nail, thank God that was all.
3) Makeup is optional, but I did it anyway.
4) I own one sweatshirt and (thank God) I packed it.  I slept in it and my jeans and was plenty warm.
5) I do not like to cook, even in a nice, fully equipped kitchen, so I have discovered as long as I have coffee, I am GOOD.  Peanut butter and crackers are a great breakfast, BTW.  Sweet husband thinks we should invest in cooking equipment.  I’m not even sure this is something I can do with pleasure, so we will wait.
6) There is absolutely, positivity NO cell coverage or WiFi up here.  This was written and posted after we left the camp site.  Thank God there was a pay phone outside the closed park office or AAA would not have been called.  We will not speak of this further.  
7) AAA annual membership $160.00, Campsite rental $35.00, Loons singing you to sleep at night and morning coffee on the bank of this lake, PRICELESS.

Onward Christian Soldiers.

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