Virginia – Mt. Vernon – A Little More



Mt. Vernon facing the Potomac River

Mt. Vernon facing the Potomac River

My Dear Wonder,

As I mentioned in my last post, Mt. Vernon has two fronts:  one facing the entrance at the road with a long “Bowling Green” and the other facing the Potomac River.  First picture above is the view of the river from the porch and the third (with Kay & Toby) is the one on the Bowling Green.  We were told this yard was cut by hand with a Sickle.   They used the bowling green for games.

Mt. Vernon remained in the family for generations, but was not kept up due to family financial issues, so a group of patriotic women of the area, started raising funds, purchased it and restored it.  It is now cared for by this private foundation. AMAZING!  It is quite a large bit of property.  The house gardens (herbs, vegetables and flowers) have also been restored (pictured below).  The pictures do not do the garden justice.  The gift shop at the gardens is where I purchased your card/ornament.  The red roof tiles are painted cedar tiles, just as would have been used originally.


IMG_3139 IMG_3138 IMG_3137 IMG_3136 DSC00967

There is one last thing I need for you to see, the family memorial garden (I prefer “Memorial Garden” to grave yard – don’t you?).  This is actually where George Washington and his family are buried.  George Washington’s actual grave is within the walls of this brick building (first picture).  The second is his actual crypt and the third is the memorial stone of one of his brothers.  It says, “…yet gentle, humane and condescending.  A sincere Christian doing in all things the will of his Master.  And resting his hope of eternal happiness alone o the righteousness of Jesus Christ.”




George Washington was the general of our forces against Britain, He was a member of the Continental Congress,  and helped form our Constitution in Philadelphia (picture and posts on this later).  He was elected as our first President – no on ran against him.

Much Love,



2 thoughts on “Virginia – Mt. Vernon – A Little More

  1. WOW!!! I love this. It’s my very own virtual history lesson. I love the pic of you & Kay…You look SO beautiful! I saved it. I didn’t know no one ran against G.W. So, was Mt. Vernon the actual house & grounds name? Like plantations have names? Was it in G.W.’s family or something? Just wondering who the family was, how old it is & why G.W. & his brothers would be buried there?

  2. I just went to internet & looked up History of Mt. Vernon…I love it! Now I know it was G.W.’s home…

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