Mt. Vernon facing the Potomac River

Mt. Vernon facing the Potomac River

IMG_3135 IMG_3142 IMG_3149We were warmly welcomed in Richmond by Kay and Toby, who hosted us for three weeks.  We joined them in their church, they introduced us to their friends and family and told us all the site we needed to visit during our stay…and there are many sites to see.

Our first weekend we drove together to Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington.  We had rain the day before ushering in a cool front so our temperatures on the Potomac were delightful – in the 70’s with a nice breeze.

There was an actor, on site, portraying General Washington himself – very well done.  Did you know He was over six-feet tall and fourth generation born in the colonies?  He called his great-grandfather, “the immigrant”.  He grew up at Mt. Vernon, but didn’t inherit it as he was one of several brothers.  He later purchased it from a family member.  He married Martha who brought with her a sizable fortune, which afforded him the ability to purchase a large amount of property.




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