I knew something was wrong…

I know I’m not too stupid to have a blog, but it just didn’t seem this was working correctly for me. So I pushed every button on this darn site and discovered one must have ESP to set this up correctly because there are lots of instructions, but in no logical order. Then it dawned on me that one can actually learn just about anything on YouTube. That is where I’ve been all week. Watching, taking notes, typing notes and I’m almost ready to fix this, do this correctly. And I will…hang tight…more to come.


Sweet husband is researching carriers. You know stuff to put on the outside of the van to carry our stuff. I have been doing some of this my-own-self and there is a whole lotta stuff on the Internet … Whew! We are making spread sheets with cost, size, pros, cons, etc. I’ll share said SS once finished and promote the winners and why.

Talked to a long time friend yesterday who invited us to spend several weeks with them once we get on the road. They are in Virginia. Another friend in Florida wants us to put them on the itinerary for a visit, too. We will, but we want to remain “friends”, so our visits will be brief. PLUS we have an 8 lb dog traveling with us…pets are not always welcome in all places.

We have friends/family in Maine, Vrignia, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and New York City. We will vist them and love on them a few days, but the goal is to see the parks across the USA on the cheap and share the experience with the www.

Sweet wife
Aka: Son Flower

Next Steps: Living in a Minivan

Things to think about
1. Mail: How to get mail
2. How to have constant, strong Internet
3. Proper protection
4. Coffee (must have my morning coffee!)
5. Gotta get this house sold

As I get this information…I will share with y’all. Yes, I’m southern and proud of it.

I will be traveling with my cute husband and 13 year old, eight pound terrier.